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Power solution

Spark Square takes care of Power Generation, Conditioning, Storage and Service

If you wished to have electricity when no power is available then you need to have electric generator available for use. Electrical power genarators is available in a number of different models and styles as per your requirment.

Home UPS & Inverters

Sine Wave Inverter/UPS for Home is a truly futuristic concept. This two-in-one product (Inverter + Home UPS) completely eliminates the need to have separate power back-up system.


We are known for expertise in batteries ranging from our own customized battery manufacturing and sales alomg side with distribution of all major brands in the market.


The sun is an eternal source of energy and today solar power can be an independent and reliable power source for greener world and locations with frequent power cuts.

commercial & industrial UPS

We provide you range of online and offline UPS of all major brands. UPS solutions ranging from 10 VA to 500kVA, single phase to 3 phases and run times from 3 minutes to several hours are available for immediate purchase.


We deal with wide range of stabilizers and Isolation Transformers with advance features efficient and reliable protection your electronic appliances against voltage fluctuations.


We deliver a wide range of LED lighting product along with LED lighting services & solutions for your home and business needs.

Repair & service

Do you have any power products ? Or Bought one from us? Just register once for Anual Maintaince contract and services.

Are you looking forward to build your home ? Are you setting up your office or Industry?
spark square will be your One-Stop solution for both power and water

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Water solution

We provide complete water solution starting from Purifiers, Conditioners, Heaters
and Service to Home, Commercial and even Industrial use
UV+RO Water Purifier

Is your water TDS level is High and is your water Muddy ? Then we Provide a wide range of best UV+RO Water Purifiers for Homes and commercial uses.


Hard water can be hard on both your house and you but to soften your problems we have the best range of water softners products and soutions for your requirments.


Solar water heaters is the ultimate solar thermal solution which inturn the utility costs for water heating being reduced up to 70%

Repair & services

Do you have any water products ? Or Bought one from us? Just register once for Anual Maintaince contract and services.

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